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The Random Knitter – Episode 12: Now in Full HD Glory (I hope)

Shownotes Coming soon

The Random Knitter – Episode 8: Yarn Addicts Unite!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to yet another episode of the Random Knitter podcast! This week I talk about some travel plans and I have a lot of stash enhancements to show. The winner for the Random KAL kickoff is also announced. Have fun watching! Read More →

The Random Knitter Podcast – Episode 6: Scatterbrained.

Hi and welcome to Episode 6 of the Random Knitter podcast! I recorded this podcast after getting local anesthetic at my dentist so this episode is lightly scatterbrained. I laughed at myself while editing so I hope it is as much fun for you as it was for myself ;). See you next time! Read More →

New Things

new things

New things, new things, a bit of that for this blogpost! I bought an IKEA storage thingy for my turks (but forgot to take a pic inside the drawers), made a new house for my supported spindles, got some knitting done + am ready to start something new. I took my inspiration from copied this spindle house from Meilindis, she was awesome enough to write a blogpost about how to make it and it had been in my head ever since. I finally got around to make one for my own collection!  Read More →