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The Random Knitter – Episode 11: Featuring the Easter Bunny

Hi lovelies! Hoping you’re having or had a lovely Easter time! I’m back with a short episode with 3 Fo’s, 1 WIP, just a few acquisitions and a bit of chatter. Hope you enjoy this 11th episode and I will see you soon in a Copenhagen vlog! Read More →

The Random Knitter – Episode 9: It’s Almost Christmas!

Was a bit late with posting this, sorry about that! Shownotes are finally here after the break! Read More →

The Random Knitter Podcast – Episode 7: The Slowpoke with the Random Knitalong Kickoff

Hi and Welcoome to episode 7 of the Random Knitter Podcast. This week I am kicking off my open-ended knitalong with a very cool giveaway! Have fun watching 🙂

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The Random Knitter Podcast – Episode 6: Scatterbrained.

Hi and welcome to Episode 6 of the Random Knitter podcast! I recorded this podcast after getting local anesthetic at my dentist so this episode is lightly scatterbrained. I laughed at myself while editing so I hope it is as much fun for you as it was for myself ;). See you next time! Read More →

The Random Knitter Podcast – Episode 5: I can’t talk.

It has been a while but I am back with a brand new episode. I started my first ever fulltime job on September 1st so life has been a bit crazy and hectic and mostly new. I did miss podcasting a lot, so I hope I can do it on a more regular basis as I settle into this new routine! Happy watching for now, it is episode 5 already! Read More →