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The Random Knitter – Episode 10: Return of the Knitwit

Hello friends! I am back after a  3 month hiatus with a brand new episode. Number ten already! Today’s podcast is all about cathing up and showing a selection of my finished objects, works in progress and a -no surprise here- lot of acquisitions. I hope you will have a lovely time catching up with me and I hope to see you again soon for episode eleven :).

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Random Vlog 1: Random Vlog 1: Knit & Knot Wool Fair Tilburg

Hi All! Welcome to the very first vlog on this channel. Today I take you with me on an adventure that leads us to the knit & knot beurs in Tilburg. This is a fairly new woolfair that is being hosted for the second time on November 17-19 2016. I hope you will enjoy this little movie as much as I enjoyed today. Thanks so much for watching!