The Random Knitter – Episode 12: Now in Full HD Glory (I hope)

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The Random Knitter – Episode 11: Featuring the Easter Bunny

Hi lovelies! Hoping you’re having or had a lovely Easter time! I’m back with a short episode with 3 Fo’s, 1 WIP, just a few acquisitions and a bit of chatter. Hope you enjoy this 11th episode and I will see you soon in a Copenhagen vlog! Read More →

The Random Knitter – Episode 10: Return of the Knitwit

Hello friends! I am back after a  3 month hiatus with a brand new episode. Number ten already! Today’s podcast is all about cathing up and showing a selection of my finished objects, works in progress and a -no surprise here- lot of acquisitions. I hope you will have a lovely time catching up with me and I hope to see you again soon for episode eleven :).

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The Random Knitter – Episode 9: It’s Almost Christmas!

Was a bit late with posting this, sorry about that! Shownotes are finally here after the break! Read More →

Random Vlogs 2 + 3 from London!