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The Random Knitter – Episode 10: Return of the Knitwit

Hello friends! I am back after a¬† 3 month hiatus with a brand new episode. Number ten already! Today’s podcast is all about cathing up and showing a selection of my finished objects, works in progress and a -no surprise here- lot of acquisitions. I hope you will have a lovely time catching up with me and I hope to see you again soon for episode eleven :).

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The Random Knitter – Episode 8: Yarn Addicts Unite!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to yet another episode of the Random Knitter podcast! This week I talk about some travel plans and I have a lot of stash enhancements to show. The winner for the Random KAL kickoff is also announced. Have fun watching! Read More →

The Girl and the Choatic Knitting Couch

knitting couch

So yeah, this has been my crazy knitting couch for the last couple of days. Filled with knitting, project bags, a random shawl, some handspun skeins I should store somewhere else and my laptop with code for my thesis. Needles to say, Bram loves it like this (NOT!).

When all courses are over and there is only a thesis left to write, you tend to have a lonely and boring life. I need to really spice it up at times with knitting and other projects.

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Speckled Egg Spin

Speckled egg spin

It has been quiet for a while yet again over here… Good thing about blogging for fun is that you blog when you want to, to have fun! Blogging always brings me joy but lately my life has been a bit hectic. My master study is wrapping up, and the last miles are the hardest ones. I cannot believe that (if all goes well) I will be a MSc in exactly four months and one week. Read More →

Purple Rolags for Tuesday

Purple rolags

For a swap on Ravelry I was gifted super pretty purple rolags made by Meilindis. They were made out of Merino, Falkland, Tussah Silk and Trilobal Nylon in pretty purple and some white! I decided to spin each rolag on a different spindle, just to put more spindles to work, having 4 rolags total that meant that I used 4 spindles for this project. Read More →