The Random Knitter Podcast – Episode 3: It Takes Two

This week I had some problems recording, so this is the second take of this weeks podcast! The first version had 45 minutes of me talking but after 10 seconds the image froze… Not so helpful. Also, had to edit twice this week because Adobe Premiere Pro hates me. BUT, here it finally is! You can find the shownotes after the break. Read More →

The Random Knitter Podcast – Episode 2: The Really Really Really Episode

I am back with a brand new episode this week! Watch the episode above or click here to go directly to Youtube.

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The Random Knitter Podcast – Episode 1: All the Nervousness

Hi all! I decided to start recording podcasts and here is the very first one. You can find the shownotes below. Hope you will have a good time watching it, let me know what you think! Read More →

Tour de Fleece update

tour de fleece update

Time for a little update on what I’ve been spinning for the Tour de Fleece! I’ve mostly been treadling away on my wheel, which resulted in one bobbin full (= 100g TDF Fibre pack spun up) and the second bobbin started. I am really enjoying working with my wheel, so  I am afraid my spindles have to wait a bit to get some love and attention. Read More →

Let the Tour begin!

tour de fleece

As most people in the world will know, the 103rd edition of le Tour de France takes off today. From today (Saturday July 2nd) until Sunday July 24th, loads of men dressed in overly tight cycle outfits will be crossing across France in order to obtain the Yellow Jersey. What many around the globe do not know, is that we spinners have our own tour: le Tour de Fleece!

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